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Team Oxford comma or nah?

I think both ways are valid and it's not just because I read the answers to this before I answered and realized I have the minority opinion.

Lol you're talking to a generation that has politicized pronouns and doesn't even use them in a correct way. 🤣

yes, I am by no means a grammar fascist - I have long held that the point of language is to get your idea from point A to point B, and if the idea arrives at its destination then mission accomplished BUT a lack of clarity might land you in the wrong destination and Oxford commas provide that clarity. People are dopey and uneducated and quick to leap mentally - don't leave your words up to their interpretation, be as clear as you can!

German grammar forbids it in most cases but I celebrate it using it when I do my long sentences that people rightfully fear like the black death!

I don't have a consistent policy on the Oxford comma--sometimes I use it, sometimes I don't, based on whatever flows best with the context. Though I think it's only really acceptable to to stick to one way or the other within a single document, not sure if I usually bother to do that or not.

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