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Why do you think many of us feel cringy-worthy when we see or hear ourselves on video? Is it because the vision that we have of ourselves doesn’t match what we see/hear?

I believe we sound deeper when we hear our voices through our own skulls. It's a physics thing(?). Depending on the mic quality it may pick up the higher pitches of our voice more readily

I have never really had this problem. I think I truly am in love with myself. I love watching myself

Fo sho! First, I sound different… second.. I didn’t know I had so many annoying mannerisms yuck!

Because we are used to see professionally produced footage with well trained actors on screens (television/youtube).

At least some of the voice cringe factor comes from the mismatch between what we hear talking live and what we hear in a recording, inhahe lays it out very well...for video, I have no knowledge but I think as video tech improves the cringe factor will get worse - my working theory is that your 4k HD screen picks up more of your skin blotches and wide-open-ass pores than the unassisted eye ever would so when you see yourself on-screen you are like whooooa buddy turn that off!

Narcissistic people don't have that problem, My God!! I'm gorgeous!!🤣 lol I think so. It takes time to get comfortable with yourself in every way. 😊

Part of the hearing aspect is that our voices sound deeper to us when we're speaking than they do in recordings, because we hear it not only through the air but through our own skulls, and lower-frequency sounds travels through mediums better than higher-frequency ones, and also the sound resonates in certain cavities within the skull. I don't know about video, except that obviously when we look in mirrors we only see ourselves head-on. And we don't normally see our own mannerisms and such. Maybe we interpret our own mannerisms uncharitably due to poor self-image.

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