Adalyn Eve Marabelle

૮Ꮚ 🦢 ੭ Find her upon the idyllic sight of the seaway as she hums an eternal aubade of love. Delicately exists to shine bright.

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Anonymous Coward · 5mo

hey, thank you for leaving this good song on my page, sender! for me it's 8.5/10. imo, the song is easy to listen and the lyrics is so catchy, will definitely add it to my playlist! ❤

Noa. · 10 answers · 6mo

mau tau dong lagu yang akhir-akhir ini lagi sering kalian dengerin itu apa?

aku lagi suka dengerin ulang lagunya tulus yang "interaksi" dan "tergila-gila" terus lagunya maliq yang "himalaya" juga! kalau noa apanih?

Noa. · 17 answers · 6mo

would you rather have the ability to fly or the ability to teleport?

ability to fly! because I really like pretty sky, kalau aku bisa terbang jadinya aku bisa main di langit yang cantik! 🥺🤍

SERAPHINA. · 7 answers · 6mo

what is one thing or two that could be stopping you from approaching someone you have a crush on?

if they said that it's uncomfortable for them or when they already have someone else. sisanya mah aku akan ugal-ugalan mencintai meskipun enggak dibalas🤜🏻🤛🏻

♥️ · 14 answers · 6mo

untuk retrospring mending pakai wonhee i'll it atau rei ive yah? :3

Weston. · 6mo

Halo, jadi hari ini ada plan apa? Jangan lupa makan makanan yang enak ya.

halo weston! uhm plan ya? actually I have nothing cause I just want to have me time, jadi aku cuma dirumah aja mau nonton mungkin atau recreate resep jajanan buat ngemil. how about you? anyway, it's really nice to know you, west! 🤜🏻🤛🏻

Ceinesa Bainey · 6mo

hii kak belle! boleh kasih tau lagu yang akhir-akhir ini sering kamu dengerin nggak? thank you!

halo cece! recently aku lagi suka banget dengerin lagi lagunya tulus yang interaksi! kalau cece recently denger lagu apa, cantik?

Marvin Alexander · 13 answers · 9mo

Any food suggestions for nighttime meals?

Parisa Moon · 10mo

Hey, you! Ssefnum's menfess led me to your page, and I couldn't help but be drawn in by your beauty. Your profile is a haven for aesthetic enthusiasts! The way you curate your content is so visually appealing and tasteful. It's always a pleasure to discover new gems on your page. ✨

omg hello! thank you for leaving those sweetest compliment here, paris. (evetho I saw your page and it's more prettier and aesthetic than mine and I might want to learn it from you 🙇🏻‍♀)

Ellison · 12 answers · 10mo

Pernah ga sih makan gorengan 5 tapi ngakunya aku bisa membuatmu jatuh cinta kepadaku meski kau tak Islam

Nachelle Celeste. · 10mo

Belle, berikan aku rekomendasi lagu galau.

Nachelle Celeste. · 11mo

Belle, how's life so far?

suuupppaa tiring! but I still manage it well.. so I'm enjoying it! 💓 (mau gimana lagi yah namanya juga hidup, kadang capek kadang mau pempek :D). kalau kamu, gimana?!

michie · 12mo

As the sender of ssefnum, I'm requesting permission to send you a Follow here, ya. by the way, whats your all-time favorite movies?

michie! I've followed you too, ya. all time fav movies? kayaknya I'd choose divergent, the walking dead also insidious! udah pernah nonton itu belum, chi? how about you, chi?

Adika Bhanu. · 12mo

Hi, Adalyn. You seems cool. May I follow you—which I already had actually in Retrospring? Thank you.

oh what a great thing to start the day by seeing a compliment here, thank you ya! Sure, Adika. I've followed you too on retrospring, ya. ♡

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