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VerenaV 🍒 · 7 answers · 5y

Can you understand why some people choose to disappear and are never heard of again?

when one of my friends did that I found out it was because he was charged with murder

Commons · 7 answers · 5y

What is the oldest item of clothing you own? Why do you still have it?

I have at least one thing from when I was ten, probably earlier. There's a velvet hoodie I have that I thought was ugly as a kid and it didn't fit me so didn't start wearing regularly until a few years ago. It's in perfect shape, fits great, it's not sloppy looking. I don't like casual hoodies.

I have a skirt that's definitely a kid's size but I like my skirts to fit at the waist which it does. I also hated it as a kid and didn't wear it, it was typical evangelical floor length garb, denim and floral, tacky as heck, but by the time I started wearing it it was tastefully vintage and ironic.

Kate Matsuda · 9 answers · 5y

Come up with animal names for every letter of the alphabet. Stop when you lack ideas and do not try to cheat and write 'Easterbunny' when at the letter E or 'Karen the Mule' when at letter K!

Alligator, bee, cat, dog, elephant, Friesian horse, gnat, hyena, iguana, jaguar, kangaroo, lemur, monkey, nematode, opossum, pig, quail, rail, seagull, tiger, urchin, velociraptor, wallaby, x?!, yak, zebra

Penelope · 6 answers · 5y

Should they be allowed to call vegan alternative foods things like bacon, hot dogs, cheese etc?

Arman · 8 answers · 5y

Would you kill a Nazi in order to escape from Auschwitz?

Morally speaking I would absolutely kill a Nazi or other oppressive captor, but realistically I probably would not. It's not my style. I'm more of a passive acceptance person. I'm physically not strong and not terribly brave.

Penelope · 7 answers · 5y

me pulling a funny face
Grandmother: “If the wind changes your face will stick like that forever!”
What white lies were you told as a child?

I'm suspicious of the story that my dad gave some of our barn cats to a farmer. What farmer wants someone else's defective barn cats? Or that two of them "ran away" together at the same time. I don't know what he did with them though. he's not really the animal murdering type (neglect is more his style) but who knows.

Kate Matsuda · 13 answers · 5y

When you are female, would you/have you accepted a smaller than yourself partner? When you are male, would you/have you accepted a taller than yourself partner? The stereotype is that women prefer taller partners and vice versa. Do you have a preference?

I don't mind shorter but if they're also small framed I wouldn't likely be attracted to them. you'd be hard pressed to find a smaller boy. I'm not attracted to very slim people

Landeigestalt · 4 answers · 4y

Do you cover your webcams when not in use?

Sean ⚡🤖 · 13 answers · 4y

What movie has messed with your head the most? Not necessarily scary...maybe just weird or thought-provoking or whatever causes it to stay with you after watching

The Babadook made me need reassurance that I wasn't going to lose touch with reality at some random point in my adulthood. still not sure.

Chris CM. Martinez · 7 answers · 4y a compilation of all of leger's scenes in the dark knight, i would watch this over The joker, i'm sure phoenix was fine but this is brilliant, where did he get this character, The sad thing is this role may have killed him

If you didn't see the Joker yet you're missing out. Better than fine, he's right up there with Heath Ledger.

Sean ⚡🤖 · 13 answers · 4y

How big a deal is a language barrier for you in a relationship? Like if you were very physically attracted but they barely spoke a word you could understand? Would you make the effort to learn their language? Want them to learn yours?

Penelope · 7 answers · 4y

The sound of outdoor wind chimes: delightfully calming and relaxing, or a bloody awful noise nuisance? Tell me.

I want it. I have tried making tomato sorbet before but unfortunately I horrifically oversweetened it. I want also some kind of ice cream with cayenne in it. I usually put black pepper on my soft serve

Penelope · 9 answers · 4y

Give me the names of Paris Hilton’s exes?

I can't even honestly name Paris Hilton's profession. I'm assuming it's a blonde lady tho.

Landeigestalt · 3 answers · 4y

Can shitposts be art?

of course. People will look back on this era and admire it for that art form specifically

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