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Do you prefer going by car or by train? Explain your answer!

Around here, good luck getting to the train station ! You’d need a car. Car ends up being more efficient. My sister lives 5.5 hours by car from me. Once I tried taking the train. Had to get someone to drop me off, and pick me up, both ways. Then, with stops, etc, took me about 8 hours to get to my destination. So… never again.

By Train because I wouldn't have to drive. I wouldn't have to worry about others drivers and traffic. And I feel the journey is more enjoyable this way

cross country by train because then I'm not driving and I can enjoy the view of the countryside and all...in the cities the train just lets you view the crumbling urban infrastructure in between smog patches, also it smells like pee and feet down there

I'd feel much safer on a train. But trains here can only take you to and from certain places. I think you'd have to drive to and from the train anyway. Idk.

At its best (when its clean, quiet, on time and with space to sit down) train is the best form of national transport for me... but when its bad - it definitely makes me want to drive.

I would prefer to actually walk. But our style of living transformed this world into a daily rush hour nuisance.

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