Daniel · 10 answers · 2mo

Is a good dictatorship better than democracy

I would need to do research from different sources and different countries with those systems first. Then I can possibly have an opinion on it after that.

Both are irrelevant. Democracy isn't working in third world countries because these societies aren't educated enough to practice democracy really.

no, the ideal is still democracy, but real democracy, not the gilded turd we are served, and then when the leaders lose touch and become corrupt and useless we come and chop their heads off and we give it another go with a new guy, rinse and repeat

No. It's probably gonna end up being "good" for citizens already holding a lot of privilege and comfort.

Probably. It's hard to get a lot done in a democracy. I feel like the purpose of democracy is just to protect against the effects of bad dictatorships.

For whom? For an entire society it might be on average the same, but not on an individual scale. With one exception though! Make me the dictator and we'll see and discuss later, if ever.

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