Arman asked 2 months ago

Do your thirst traps work?


Do your thirst traps work?

I rarely even take selfies, fuck outta here if you think I'm posting thirst traps lmfao

They do... but then I got fed up clearing the bugs out of them.

Hijacking this question to ask how you are doing. Any health updates ?

Hardly, I might be not good at this. Or my drinks used as bait are miserable.

Secret is you get more victims if you add honey 🍯 🐜🪰just don't be surprised by what you find floating nearby

Kind of, in that U can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink...

They rusted away a long time ago. =/

points to self This? Ain’t nobody drinking this even if they’ve been wandering aimlessly for a week in Death Valley. 💧 🌵

Yes, my thirst traps are all delivered softly into your ear with my dulcet tones 😉

probably not since IDK what they are

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