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Which one is more expensive to maintain: a horse or a motorcycle?


Which one is more expensive to maintain: a horse or a motorcycle?

I know people with both and the horse is more expensive. You need to pay board unless you have enough money for your own barn and stalls. Their medical bills/vet bills are extremely pricey and finding a large animal vet these days isn’t easy. Lots of hay, they need to be taken care of, let out, moved around, brushed, washed. And if you’re going to also be riding? lessons, proper footwear and attire, saddle and all the things that go with that- the horse wears a lot. those things are expensive. My aunt has 3 horses, I don’t know how she does it.

Probably a horse. Maintaining the property to keep the horse on, feeding it, maintaining its coat and hooves, medical care... feels like it adds up quickly

Don't worry about it and just get both. Teach the horse to ride the motorcycle. If you get a horse that can ride a motorcycle they're both gonna end up paying for themselves

I'm guessing horse - aside from the animal itself you'll either need to build a stable for it at great expense (assuming you even have the land for it), or pay to have it stabled elsewhere, also at great expense, a bike you can just park in front of your place for relatively little to nothing

I think I would have to go with a horse. You have to feed it, clean up after its business, pay for a horse specialist vet (not sure if normal everyday vets are qualified to take care of horses)

While a motorcycle may break down, insurance can take care of most of the issues there

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