Luna · 9 answers · 5mo

hey, how was today? happy gak?

Today is so-so, I think because it's Monday kali ya? Sama masih terjebak di hari Sabtu alias post concert depressionnya baru berasa :(

hari ini lemess jujur, aku jam 7an malah tidur. baruu masuk lagi sangaat capeek. hbu?

happie yappie! dari siang hujannya aweeet banget jadi it was one quiet sunday and love it so much. living in the moment to the fullest pokoknya 🥰 thank you for asking ya cayang. km gimana harinya??

Hey, today was so-so. I was gleeful in the morning because I went to a temple with my friends, laughter spent much, moreover blessed, then I bought meals to home to eat with my mom. To put it simple, I’m happy! Thank you for inquiring

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