Mellissa. · 16 answers · 5mo

What do you do when you're confused?

First of all, I let myself figure it out but if I haven't find any positive sign, I usually asking for the second opinion and disscus it with someone reliable.

Spend time with myself, I guess? But so far, clearing my head while roaming around the park with my headphone on works well. Sometimes simply laying down does the magic too. Or else, I'll ask around for my own 'research'.

Listing the pros and cons and waiting for the very last minute to decide impulsively. 😁

bengong.. if i need to find an answer to my confusion right away, i’d ask for help D: or else i’d take some time to think

Working hard on making a decision or better sleep and use a roulette to pick something.

Konteksnya apa dulu ini.. kalau bingung karena pilihan I'll definitely choose the first option :[

Usually taking some time to do breathing exercises and locking myself in the bathroom for minimum 15 minutes cold shower.

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