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What project of yours are you most proud of?


What project of yours are you most proud of?

Seeing as I have nothing professional to speak of yet...

About 11 years ago, my now-girlfriend was getting into Analogue: A Hate Story and Hate Plus, and there was a character named *Mute that she really liked. The thing is, uh....

So, I fiddled together a thing out of screenshots of game and UI assets where I wrote in a better ending for her so I could cheer my girlfriend up!

And then shortly after, a mod was released that someone else did that gave her a better end proper in the game, but my girlfriend still appreciated my efforts. ♡

Probably Minitel, as it's definitely the most widely used, and in my opinion, quite elegant. PsychOS 2 is probably more technically interesting, though.

I dunno, by now maybe snug.moe if you can call it a project. I didn't do a lotta things by myself from scratch

Probably alicedbg, to have written parts of a x86 decoder

probably neon, a vaguely OS-shaped thing i did a few years back that could actually run programs with a command line and stuff (it also redpilled me on just how terrible POSIX is)

Currently? plush phonebooth i worked on with someone else

Music wise: my "Waveforms" album. Mapping wise: my Freaky Panties series of Doom maps. Programming wise: Benben, my VGM player and its associated library, YunoSynth.

Hard to say since I'm almost never proud of anything. I guess the 350K words I posted on my French blog, since that's what has the most regular readers.

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