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Apa makanan yang you never thought you'll like?

Nigiri sushi.. like those type of sushi with raw seafood on top. I always though I'll never like that food since it's raw and I'm kind of afraid with how it will tastes in my mouth but surprisingly it climbs on the first list of food that I always craves the most.

bawang putih goreng? OHH, sama pete. walau belum bisa makan banyak, tapi ternyata enak tau

Jengkol, tapi sekali nyoba langsung anjrit kemana aja gue selama ini? tapi yang masak kudu mbak dirumah nyokap gue.

tahu walik di cfd, sumpaah, rasanya ?????? eNAK BANGET. sama nasi mawut langganan ku (sedih karna udaah pindah gatauu nyemanaa);_;

Broccoli, One day I ate cap cay at a Chinese restaurant with my family and I didn't think I would like broccoli? In my mind, broccoli is bitter but it was not(?) I was so confused that I kept eating it to make sure. And it turns out I really like it lol.

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