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Those of you who use Linux: What was your first Linux distribution, and what was your experience like?

Those of you who don't use Linux: What is your impression of Linux, based on the information you currently have? Would you ever consider using Linux as the operating system on your main PC?

Those who don't know what I'm talking about: What is the primary device you use to access the Internet?

Ubuntu was my first Linux distribution. I had it on my very first laptop (Lenovo Z50-75), I had a HDD at the time so it was quite slow. Windows wasn't great either.

I tried Linux again on my desktop PC (Dell Optiplex 7010), and I was struggling to play games on it. Eventually I got a GPU, and it made things much better to the point where I could use it every day.

I'm not currently using it at the moment (using Windows 10 LTSC rn), but I will probably install Fedora or Arch Linux :)

My first linux distro was Ubuntu, if I remember correctly. Back in 2018 or something. Didn't stick for it long and moved to arch, as stupid a decision as that was.

Ubuntu 14.04
Everything was kinda good back then, even if early hints of the future were visible

my first distro was mint and i loved it lol

i first tried to install it on my laptop, but i had to turn off rst, which meant windows no longer booted, which scared me and made me give up on the idea until i got a pc

on my pc i daily drove it for a week until i (thought it) broke it 🥴

Ubuntu! I found the option in Virtualbox and wondered "Huh what is this other thing?" It was so intriguing to younger me cause it was not windows or Mac.

my first distro was fedora, and i have continued to use fedora since maybe november or december, i've had nothing but positive sentiment for linux, at least as compared to my lifetime of using mac and occasional usage of windows for school stuff.

The year was 1999, I was using Linux Mandrake 6.5, which I bought in a physical box containing CD-ROMs and a floppy disk and an actual printed user manual.

I remember being frustrated about getting the sound card working, but I had fun because I loved exploring new systems and figuring things out and I was just completely enamored with the idea of open source and free software at the time.

pretty sure it was ubuntu 10.04 in 2012, which i used in a vm a little bit. my computer was too slow to run unity in a vm smoothly, but then i later dualbooted 12.04 on bare metal with windows 7. my experience was a mix of "wow this is annoying" and "wow this is really cool". the customisation was super nice and the ui was slick and fresh to my 9 year old self. all of my problems with it were just normal linux issues at the time, or were typical ubuntuisms

I'm a normie, my first distro was ubuntu. 16.04 lts! I still miss unity DE. I use debian now, and have for 2 years. It's comfy. Anyway, my experience with ubuntu 16.04 was very brief because I borked it a couple days after installing it lol. But I /really/ enjoyed using it in the short time I did! It was snappy and responsive compared to windows 10 on my, at the time, very shitty hardware. I liked that unity could be themed way more than windows' dwm could be. It was way better on my battery too! Overall it ran very well in the maybe a week that I used it for.

Mandriva, it was pleasant, if a little confusing. It's pretty intuitive though!

I don't use it as my main OS currently but I wanna remedy that, I just game too much and WINE is a pain in the ass. also I'm out of the loop on distros so idk which one I'd use...prolly arch or smth that I have friends who use so I can crowdsource help x3

It was Ubuntu. If I'm not mistaken, version 16.04. It was cool in that it could run Firefox out of the box and do web browsing. But I didn't know how to download software properly, and ended up thinking like it was some sort of unfinished/experimental stuff that was being taken too seriously.

Fast forward to today and my esteemed KDE Ubuntu handles everything I throw at it (except sustained workloads like gaming but that's a firmware support issue)

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