Arthur asked 6 months ago · 9 answers

Is it a big deal not being able to handwrite?

It's a big deal in that I don't know any people who cannot handwrite. For the people who do exist that I don't know, I wonder if they get on OK since most things are digital? As long as they can still read I suspect/hope it's not a huge hindrance?

Yes, it is. Like Commons said, try signing a contract, or a passport, or anything remotely ‘secure’. Also, who wants a receive a typewritten birthday card, or gift tag, or condolence card?

Hm.... not necessarily in the usual westerners life I guess? But many sorts of financial transactions at least require your handwritten autograph.

Probably not a big deal nowadays with technology. I still think it's important to learn you never know there's a point when technology is gone and we have to paint on walls again😁

Not that big a deal considering that there are a lot more options now, but I still think it's a good skill to learn. There have been times where I didn't have access to electronics and had to handwrite. I also find it easier to take notes that way sometimes.

Probably less so these days, the technology is really filling gaps - like a couple of days ago I had a full on exchange with a Mandarin speaker through their phone translator and it probably wasn't perfect but we were able to get our points across to each other, so maybe not being able to write isn't nearly the deal it would have been even like 10-20 years ago

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