Serenity · 17 answers · 6mo

What is on your mind lately? Tell me anything, even your most random thoughts.

I wonder, Chérie. Kamu makan bubur diaduk apa nggak? (This also takes side, are you on mine or Mads'.)

I've been feeling content and grateful lately. sometimes, it makes me think, do I deserve this? but when I think about it again, maybe all these good things happened to me because I took action for myself and my surroundings in the past.

I feel like I haven't thanked God as much for everything He gave me. It brings this overwhelming weight in my chest about how great God is, still blessing me with everything despite me being a creation of His that lacks in everything.

All the plans I've made once my schedule is free. I've been wanting to begin writing again, finish my TBR, and go me time (some more). Freedom is frequently on my mind lately, not gonna lie.

How I managed to walk on the flowery path despite the whole world seems to shut me down and tell me to give up.

All I can think about at the moment is finding balance in my life. Avoiding forcing myself to calm down and embracing that it's okay for me to occasionally react and show people that I am mad. It has been a lovely life lately. 🧘🏻‍♀️🩵

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