Serenity · 17 answers · 7mo

What kept you alive?

I still want to see my friends, my family, my cats, and curious about my future self. and I still want to explore many books!

one piece, gua harus ada di sana saat one piece udah ending, gua harus ada di sana saat perjalanan luffy dan lainnya berakhir ntah di eps berapa kelak

I still have some wishes that i really want to got. I'm not satisfied enough with what i have currently. I honestly tired but to not having it is my biggest nightmare.

My family, also my cats. I still have a long way to go; I need to explore more, learn more, and accept what the world wants to offer me.

There are many things that are yet to be experienced in life and I would love to live longer for that. Besides, I do not think I have done enough good deeds in life hence why, I do not think I shall be stopping here just yet. I need to live, live longer.

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