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Gen ask (kepo), apa yang akan kalian lakuin kalau tau crush kalian punya commitment issue? Tetap maju untuk deketin atau pilih mundur?

i can't answer this question, cuz im the one who has commitment issue too :/ but kalo mau deketin dan nekat coba aja, buat dia yakin sama effort mu!

I'm the type of person who believes in giving things a try, no matter the circumstances. I'm willing to explore every possible way to get closer to someone, to be honest. Even if that person has commitment issues, it doesn't mean that those issues can't be resolved, but of course, not through force. If we hit a dead end, well, there are other opportunities out there, and I believe I deserve someone who is willing to love and appreciate me just as I am.

Wah sulit, ya... Aku kayanya bakal tetep maju, tapi tanpa bawa ekspektasi apapun. Cuman kalau dirasa engga ada kesempatan sama sekali, I'll leave.

If I really like them, I might want to talk to them and pursue them to be in a relationship—but that comes with a lot of consequences.

That depends. But I usually will ask anyway, whether I'm allowed to pursue them or not. If the answer is no, so then there's my answer.

deketin beberapa hari dulu, kalau emang ngga ada kemajuan, aku pilih mundur. tapi, kalau emang tujuan kita buat deket aja (bukan pacaran) ngga ada salahnya terus deketin sampai capek sendiri

maju aja, gas! i once experienced it dan ujungnya bisa pacalan. mikirnya mending nt pas udah nyoba daripada penasaran karena nggak nyobaa!!

Aku pernah ada di fase seperti ini dan saat itu bodoh banget karena masih nungguin dan berpikir I COULD HEAL HIM wtf girl you’re not a doctor afterall. :[ Terus sekarang kalau naksir orang cari tau dulu dia punya issues kalau nggak heheheh dan pastinya kalau aku tau terlambat aku bakalan back off.

I always believe that life is unpredictable; and that's part of this journey's adventure. I was never guaranteed that I would have the answers for everything or feel certainty in every situation. Speaking of which, I will just let it flow and trust my partner as long as we have mutual feelings and both of us are enjoying this bond. I'll embrace the uncertainty since some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives don't have a title until much later.

I will choose the second option: Mundur secepatnya. From my previous relationship, I've learned not to date someone who has a commitment issue because for now, and for me, dating someone means I must be ready to face everything in the future and build a long-term relationship, set a goal for both of us. Dan kayaknya, dating someone who has a commitment issue would be tiring? Because they will not have any expectations for our relationship.

baru aja kemarin kejadian. aku nggak ngapa-ngapain sih, let if flow dan ga terlalu pusing gimana kedepannya, apa lagi kalau sama-sama suka. kalau cuma aku yang naksir ya, yaudah, tetep deket dalam status temen aja. kalau sama-sama suka paling endingnya kalau ga canggung ya jadi asing

Kalau udah deket sama crush, tetep jadi deket aja, tapi ya jangan berharap lebih, syukur² kalau nanti hatinya luluh 😭 who knows

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