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When you move to a new place, do you get fancy store-bought boxes to pack your stuff in? Or do you collect and reuse whatever boxes you find that aren't wet?

Nothing fancy here. I just throw my stuff in some bag or box or even wrap some stuff inside my sheets!

I've only had to move twice as an adult. The first time I didn't have enough stuff to warrant getting any boxes, so all my stuff was in garbage bags. The second time, I found out you can buy large moving boxes from Uhaul for about $2/ea

...maybe this is fancy. But I have those cheap cloth boxes from Ikea. They are super handy and can be made flat.

I think I’ve reached the buying boxes stage now. I don’t want things being damaged. Clothes can go in bin bags, but not my precious things - ie the handbags.

A mix of both but I haven't got many items so the boxes only have to be limited in weight as I cannot carry them when too heavy. So maybe I'll need a few extra due to this.

I bought a bunch of those plastic totes from Target or some Target-adjacent type place and haven't used cardboard boxes since

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