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If you participate in Halloween, do you have a problem with serving candy to trick-or-treaters who are in their teens? What if they seem older than teens, what's the age limit?

Going to strangers doors for candy sounds weird as hell, I almost can't believe I used to do it. Times were simpler at one time, I guess.

But if that tradition were still much of a thing and if I lived in a house instead of an apartment where it could actually take place, I wouldn't give candy to random adults for free. Unless I'm allowed to tamper with it.

Only if they've made an effort, and not just worn a Scream or Squid Game mask. But I've not had the issue of teenagers visiting for Halloween.

I think it's weird to gatekeep candy. A sugar high should be allowed for people of all ages

I stop at the age of 10 or so. The older ones also are less on sweets but other drugs and they tend to fuck up things being rude and demanding.

I don't have a problem with that at all. And, in my experience, the vast majority of trick-or-treaters are in their teens. I don't have a problem serving to adults either. Why be a downer? It's supposed to be a fun holiday for all, no need to gatekeep.

Problem might not be the right word for me. I get it - free candy. But it doesn't feel in the spirit of the event... so maybe the feeling is 'slightly disrespected - but not enough to make a big deal out of it'.

Personally, if I'm offering goodies to randos at my door then I'm not throwing age restrictions on it

I have absolutely no problem. Anyone that comes to my door will get candy (handed to them by my husband of course. I ain’t opening no doors to strangers).

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