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If we were to implement tagging for questions, would you like a Tumblr-like tagging system ("something like this") or Twitter-like hashtags ("#hashtag")?

Definitely more tumblr like, I pretty much prefer everything about how they do things compared to twitter personally!

Whatever it is, make them a separate field. Nobody likes #Hashtags #Littered throughout the #Input #Field

I #dislike #hashtag #talk. I don't mind the "#" symbol, but that inlinery has got to stop.

i think twitter tagging system is funnier but id prefer tumblr's honestly it's way more cleaner

As someone who usues both sites, i think i perfer the Tumblr-like system just a little bit more

I feel like out-of-band tags would be less obtrusive. Questions like "What is your #favorite #pokemon?" look more distracting.

I'm not sure what purpose this would serve beyond vanity but I feel the #hashtag type more appealing.

susanalbumparty vs "susan album party", don't see myself using it, but the tumblr version seems much clearer.

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