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have you feel unloved and lonely at the same time (when you don't have any relationship with someone), what do you do to make yourself feel better?

I occasionally remind myself that I, in fact, will have this lonely feelings in my heart where I only feel the solitude of myself. I think the best way about this is to accept the fact that no matter what you are always have moment for loneliness and that is okay.

Yes and it was a loooooong time ago but now i'm loving my lonely time, i can watch lots of movies, having fun with my family, i'll just enjoy all the lonely time and stop overthinking. Being alone is my favorite now

ofc, i think everyone has been in those phases. connect with people more, by face-to-face. do new hobbies, do exercise or contact professional help if needed.

I need something to distract myself, kadang juga aku menghilang sejenak buat menjernihkan pikiranku.

i have to distract myself with things i like so i dont think too much about other things, perhaps

I think that almost 80% of people have felt lonely and unloved when they weren't with someone. That includes me. Most of the time, i’ll keep myself busy by going out to do my best things, like music and food. I don't like being there, so i’m always trying to figure out how to leave. It will be hard to do, though, if we feel it at night. You can only do it by watching movies and listening to song.

I always feel like that every single night, apa ya? Kadang gue cuma bisa menghela napas kadang kalo logika jalan gue akan bilang emang hakikatnya manusia tuh yang sayang sama diri kita ya cuma kita sendiri, ga ada yang lain.

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