verena calluella

seasons in the sun, ninth lines.

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ask me anything to enliven my dull timeline, it has been boring currently. :]


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Maxence. · 7mo

Kalo ditanya who’s your ‘dream boy’ lu tapi nggak boleh jawab Jongseong, lu bakal nyeplos nama Yanto atau Bubu?

mago · 1y

minat belajar literature

Harriel A. Mikhaila · 19 answers · 1y

Can you guys suggest me songs that you like to listen? Kinda bored with my own playlist. Udah kapok dengerin Backburner on repeat. :(

Harriel A. Mikhaila · 15 answers · 1y

Guys, saran CA yang open deket-deket ini please. Gua gabut banget meskipun banyak tugas tapi tetep gabut. Makasih yang udah berkenan jawab. ;)

L. Raisel Emory · 1y

Hellou there! I'm sorry for the sudden follow cause my fingers accidentally flips... But it's a gewd opportunity to gain new friendo, doncu think? So could you perhaps gimme a follow back :]

oh my god, id love to accept your offer, pretty! a follow back has been sent, ya! do you mind if we befriend on twt also?

Genevieve · 1y

Mau tau your top 3 must listen song dong!

thank you for asking this because i won’t gatekeep my most listened songs!
1. call me when you hear this song,
2. this is how i disappear,
3. atlantis.

Anneliese Maureen · 1y

kalau bukan jadi manusia, pengen jadi apa?

HMMM.. kayanya sih, mau jadi kucing! alesanya karena mereka makhluk hidup terlucu yang aku tau! they’re so lovely and fluffy, how can people skipped petting them??? me, myself can’t even resist its cuteness!

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