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Tell me your opinion about Jase!

Bagus, packaging udah rapih, adminnya ramah, pelayanan cepat dan sangat responsif, kondisi masih oke sesuai deskripsi, ada garansi juga. Overall bintang 5.

Jase! Lama gak ngobrol, i think we met from a closed agency which I honestly can’t remember when too, so sorry. But you seemed like a chill guy, friendly and cool!

Jase is a fine guy, a loyal friend, and very smart. You wouldn’t feel bored whenever you’re with him. He’s also very reliable and can keep your secret with him as long as you want to. He’s a good person. Period.

Sahabat avoidantku /j fun to be friends with and naturally funny. That type of person who cherishes their friends more than anything. Mature and super caring hence no wonder why people are comfortable to be around you. Baikkkkk bgt bgt bgt. And you’re so vocal about anything you like or what’s going on in your life, that makes you fun! Love you bro (platonically) jadi kapan kita nobar lagi

abg jase is one of my that i've known quite long (ya ga sih!!). it's really nice and fun to have you around, abg seru dan asik buat diajak bercanda dan diisengin. salah satu hal yg aku suka dari abg adalah abg selalu berani buat sampaiin opini dan perspektif abg (that's what i see) and i think that's really cool. i learned a lot from you :]

Jase is the kind of person who just clicks with my sense of humor and somehow it's like we instantly hit it off. Even though we've only known for a short while, i can tell that you're always genuine to yourself. Keep it up ya, se?

Anyway i'm sssuper happy that we've gotten this close bcs you lucu bgt anjir ah! Hoping we can be a friend for a long time yaaaaaa.

sahabat biruku <4 kk hukum n once upon a broken heart’s defender!! teman baca bukuuu and ras terkuat di bumi (mputjen)

Jase, you are not afraid to go straight to the point about your opinion and that's so cool of you. Sometimes it's okay to tell people that you're sad, it's not like people will judge you. You are also welcome to open up to me, please I'd love to hear that for good or bad, whatever it is. Thank you for still being here with me! I treasure you a lot, brother.

Baik, ada aja gebrakannya kalo ngobrol (unexpected but in a good and funny way), tipe orang yang disukai sama semua kalangan umur mulai dari bayi sampe lansia karena antara dia bakalan menyesuaikan topik sama lawan bicaranya atau memang anaknya menyenangkan!

one funny guy for sure. also friendly and warm, no wonder people queued up to be your friend. i think you’re also a great advicer (despite the fact we haven’t talked that much recently due to my detaching behavior). terus apalagi, ya? you’re somehow so jeno coded because i see so many resemblances between you both

you're a friendly guy yang beneran bisa hang out with everyone, penyabar juga cause not everyone can handle my weird and random ass. despite the loud and playful exterior, i feel like you have a lot of scars and unresolved problems within you that you never really share with anyone. sehat sehat terus org aneh. jangan suka tiba tiba dm org trs curhat kebelet berak.

jase, jase, jase. sengaja dipanggil tiga kali biar muncul dulu. jase is a fun guy and it's really easy to have a small talk with him (walaupun kita belum ngobrol one to one in person alias dm). jeno bener-bener udah melekat di jase deh dan semua orang udah tau lah yaa kalau lo mputjen..

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