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How old were you when you learned how to swim? Who taught you? If you haven’t, why not?


How old were you when you learned how to swim? Who taught you? If you haven’t, why not?

I was too young to remember. But I always loved swimming and being in the water. Pools, beaches, lakes, oceans, puddles.

At learned it at 14, very late. Mum helped, but the most helpful tips and example was just another girl there.

I can't remember but very young.We live by the sea

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Around 10. My brother and I used to go to a swimming club every week, where there were lots of people helping out. A major part of the experience was the bag of chips on the way home.

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I think about 6. I took lessons in the pool of the camping where I spent my summer holidays.

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14...I was in a new trial swimming PE class. I’m a very weak swimmer though. Was too terrified of the water.

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My grandfather taught me when I was 6. He just threw me in lol but I learned 😊

Like 6 or 7. We had to learn how to swim in primary school. Probably one of the only sports that I took seriously. I wouldn't mind getting back into it

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🙃does knowing how to float on my back count as knowing how to swim?

I would have sank like a stone until I was well into college, taught by a girlfriend who was a lifeguard and wasn't having it, I still don't really swim but at least I can keep myself alive

I was 12. My middle school had a swimming pool and swim class was a requirement. You also needed to swim a few laps before they let you on the deep end.

I was 9. The teacher who gave us kids lessons on how to swim.

I think my dad and/or mom tried to teach me when I was little? And I never really got it? I'm not sure. I also went to swimming lessons once (my aunt took idea why), and all I remember from it was being terrified because they held me under water. Th


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