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Do we have a soul?


Do we have a soul?


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Yes I think its scientifically proven

Answered by J1smith

There's too much spiritual/mystical "baggage" attached to the word "soul." People have minds, they have identities, they're not just bodies or just objects in the world. There are things about them that you can't perceive by looking at them, there are thin


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yeah the sum total of what makes you. you can't just build yourself a double exactly. not in the "uwu paranormal" sense, but in the time and place you're at all times sense.

of course there are many paths for the same end result, but there's only one path


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Answered by nick

in my onion, I THINK so, but purely in my onion -- I've done little reading or thinking on the topic. just my gut reaction. like, if you could clone my physical essence I don't think that entity would also contain the rest of my essence that makes me... me


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I like to think so

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Yes. I believe so.

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I don't know. I feel like I'm becoming less sure about that kind of thing recently, like I have a little nagging feeling that there's more to existence than what we're taught in school. Could be that my mental health is getting worse and I'm experiencing d


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I guess so. I think souls are our inner self

Define soul and I tell you if we got one.

Answered by Kate

I don't know exactly what a soul is. It is the part that cannot die, other than the physical body? There is so much more than just the "soul" I believe.

Yes, I think so, but soul is kind of a loaded term. People have all sorts of ideas of what a "soul" means. I'd say we have an aspect to ourselves that transcends the physical/sensorially perceptible.

Answered by inhahe

Yes we do have a soul and it survives what we call death of the body.

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South Korea does (Seoul)