Daniel asked 5 months ago

How do i get rich?

forget you, i'm the one who needs to be rich


Marry jeff bezos


Be extremely good looking, skilled or lucky.


Find a problem with no solution that a lot of people have, solve it in an affordable and ingenious way, draw maximally many people in by social and viral marketing and get payed for the solution.

Or sell cocaine.

  1. Go to Walmart and buy yourself the fanciest fedora that's on sale in the clerance aisle.
  2. Get on internet and read up on "An-Cap", regurgitate in comment sections on YouTube.
  3. ????
  4. Profit

Managing to land yourself a high paying job, being born into a rich family etc etc

Planning and luck


If you want to go with shortcut than you should invest some money in share market and other option is hard work only...


It’s easy! Just check your junk folder.

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👏😈 you work with people who have power and influence. Or... 🙃🔪 scratch off many lottery tickets till you hit the jackpot!

Getting capital, using capital, rinse, repeat. People mostly fail on step 1, pretty hard even if you don't blow your pocket money on gambling.


Accumulate capital and utilize it through investments to increase your access to capital and thus further investments. Lather, rinse, repeat. http://boards.4channel.org/biz/thread/14186322


Be clever. Be lucky. Work Hard. All three or a combination of 2? <shrugs>


So you buy a guitar right? Practice for years, then whack a billionaire over the head with and hold him for ransom

Be very very good at economics and marketing , have some rich relatives with a good business reputation in the background, a personality with drive and amition but not too much risk taking that would lead to trouble, an ability to focus, a bit of luck to g


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