Daniel asked 12 months ago

How fast is your internet connection?


How fast is your internet connection?

Half as fast as I would like it to be. But our building does not have a 50k line.

Answered by Qafka


Answered by xvilyv

Depends. 800mbps down/1GB up wired. About 250 down, 400 up via WiFi.

I have fiber.

It is good

Answered by J1smith

I tried a few internet speed test websites and the results ranged from 130 to 160 Mbps download and 9 to 13 Mbps upload.

I forget what the official speed is nowadays, it's changed a few times, but a speed test on the internet gave 13.6 Mbps d/l and 1.52 Mbps u/l.

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Answered by LaDamaX

on my phone right now is 12 Mb/s down and 2 Mb/s up

4.3mbps down, 3.8mbps up. Can't complain too much about rural internet, better than dial-up or satellite.

Download: 50.6 — Upload: 11.1

Blazingly fast, like 24 Mbps, I rarely bottleneck with any of my things.

Answered by nick

ping 10 ms, download 97.87 mbps, upload 10.42 mbps

I can't complain. I know the feel when you ic is shait.