AMoonRabbit · 13 answers · 6mo

What's your morning routine?

curse my existence, bathe, eat, send some emails, dress, read some replies, curse my existence some more

Wake up, shower, make my girlfriend and I breakfast, gacha game dailies, and then the rest of the day is ahead of me!

Or at least it would be, if I didn't wake up like 3-4PM and the day was already starting to wind down... ;w ;

haha funny (I really wish I would have a good sleep schedule in the first place, then just wake up to controlled times and get wach)
But other then that, posting some kind of variation of "wach" and drinking some tea / water

Wake up at 6, use the toilet, eat a banana, refill the cat food bowl if needed, back to sleep.

Wake up at 9 and repeat the same steps.

At 12 I wake up for real and start my afternoon routine.

My routine changes so often that it's not really a routine. Right now I just get up, drink coffee, read things on my feedreader, note random ideas, work a bit on RSRSSS, get breakfast, and start another day of working from home. On weekends, there is no routine at all.

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