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If it meant utility and shopping bills would go back to normal, would you ask your country to pull out of supporting Ukraine?

It doesn't mean that. Bills are not all on the rise due to dumb Putin. Inflation is driven by Corona, climate change effects and greed. Yes, energy cost is climbing. But we see a declining gas price. We have no fairy dust alternatives like you suggested. And Germany supports Ukraine only soso and on a very low level. It's not nothing, but isn't comparable to other nations. So neither side of your balance can work here. But you might find some imbecile fellow Germans who could believe this.

No, that wouldn't be any motivation for me, I want peace for peace's sake, Ukraine is going to be ratfucked no matter who wins though (BTW I hope Finland and Estonia are paying attention, if they think NATO and Russia can't or won't blow them to smithereens to advance their own agendas...well I hope I'm wrong and they are right)

NO… One must consider: For the good of the whole? Or… Just me?

No. Russia needs to be stopped. Im willing to put up with high pricee as long as it takes

I think nothing is going back to normal no matter what. WW3 is wanted but unfortunately this time Europe won't survive.

Back to normal only in the short-term, because that would have potentially nasty effects later. So, no.

No, because at least I have a home to pay utility bills for and shopping to buy.

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