Pandy asked about 1 year ago · 11 answers

What are your Valentine's Day plans?

Going to a Gojira concert, mainly for the support band Alien Weaponry.

No plans. We both think making plans on Valentine's Day is for nerds. Also for nerds? Being aware of or perceiving the date. Like, if you know the date right now, or you will know a date or the date at any point? Get out of my sight.

Ordering an extra large pizza I'm definitely sharing with me sweetie and not going to eat it all by myself and cry

Not on the actual date but we’re having a Chinese “hot pot” dinner at my friend/colleague’s house. Just the ladies. Then I’m going with another group of ladies from swim club to go have dinner at a local steakhouse. My younger daughter and I are also planning to go see a movie together. Husband and I will probably go have dinner or breakfast together. I also really want to either go to the Getty Art Museum in LA or the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We’ll see. Even going to the zoo sounds fun. :)

really nothing much. might go see that Winnie the Pooh horror movie that comes out around then.

It's in July here, but even then I won't make plans for it. Probably.

I have a cunning plan! That must not fail! It involves Martine, cheese, Abby beer, a cosy fire place and some red tulips. Wish me luck!

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