Pandy asked 12 months ago · 14 answers

What are your thoughts on horoscopes?

May I be blunt? Horoscopes are proven to be nonsensical by every measure but one: When you are a true believer.

They’re a thing. Believe them: don’t believe them. Just don’t go paying online ‘psychics’ to tell you loads of expensive, made up rubbish.

They’re fun to read (like fortunes inside fortune cookies) but no truth to them. Just for funsies.

“I don’t believe in horoscopes. The only whore I scope is your mom.”


They are fun to think about, and maybe some decent flirting material, but I'm not about to stay home because the moon is in Capricorn or whatever

I think it makes sense that ppl who share a birthday/month/year have the same exact personality.

I don't reject horoscopes or astrology on principle, I think it's closed-minded and dense to do so, but I think horoscopes are translated from general energetic influences into way too specific of scenarios to dumb them down and make them sell well, which doesn't do a lot of good for astrology's image, and it makes it so that horoscopes are probably mainly just good for entertainment.

It's weird to want to scope someone's horo unless you're some kind of safety guy, and you're just trying to confirm that it'll withstand those thicc arrows.

Horoscopes are usually not made by actual astrologers nowadays so they’re for entertainment. that’s my thoughts

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