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What's the most disturbing movie you've ever seen?

There was a movie that I remember from when I was a kid that was about Jack The Ripper. I have no idea where I even saw parts of it. I think a friend’s dad was watching it. Any of the Clint Eastwood or Charles Bronson movies of the 80s were absolutely disgusting bc they usually contained lots of graphic violence in particular towards women. Any Mexican movie of the 80s, because again, sexual violence.

I rarely watch movies, especially those that could be considered disturbing, so I can't think of any.

tw abuse

I can't think of one I've seen personally, but the movies based on the story of Sylvia Likens come to mind... Don't want to see those ever

there comes only one movie to mind i havent seen because the trailer was to disturbing.
be warned this deserves all the content warnings:

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