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Do you think mike pence is handsome? My coworker told me she found him extremely attractive and that is why she voted for trump

I try not to comment negatively on people's looks even if I hate them because I believe in insult deflection theory, but I will say when I saw this photo of Mike Pence I laughed out loud photo

So she wasn't just another conservative, who'd vote for any conservative, and she thought Mikey was such a snacc he flipped her? If that's the case, they should do studies because I don't think even Mother finds him that appealing.

And if it's not the case, I'm thinkin she's saying some bullshit to avoid admitting she liked the whole vibe.

I wanna be fair... So there may be circumstances where a disposable frosting bag full of room temp mayonnaise would be handsome to me. But this particular man has never been in those circumstances, I reckon.

He always reminds me of a gynaecologist. A gynaecologist you don’t want to be left alone in the room with.

Mike Pence come across as very creepy for me. When you like resurrected dates he might be your type I think? But voting Trump due to preferring christian zombies? Another hint that your co-worker seems to have a problem I fear?

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