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What's the most inappropriate thing you've ever done (not necessarily the same as the worst thing you've ever done)?

years ago at work my manager would have these weekly 'recognition' meetings to praise good workers or time I called them the world's least satisfying circle-jerk and maybe I said it a teensy bit louder than I thought...

I exploited a badly designed system from my carrier in order to obtain "unlimited" internet, and helped some of my friends do it too

Got too involved when I practiced some telephon sex with a former friend who wanted to become an operator.

I knew someone that is very religious,. and we were talking about religion and I told him without no doubt that jesus isn't a god, he's just a person cz he ate food. He was like so down, another one a Muslim also was talking about religion and I told him that muslims has no leader , so they don't have a god, he was also insanely down. Guess I have a fascinating influence.

I was at a party at my aunts house, there were quite a few people I didn’t know there. Got very very drunk, and when I’m drunk I really just say whatever the hell I’m thinking. So I was talking to some older guy, I very nonchalantly said I was gutted I had Satan’s waterfall because there’s some very fit guys at the party. He was confused about my comment, so I then had to explain that Satan’s waterfall meant period.

Found out later that he was a priest. Not only that, but he was my aunts brother in law, never met the guy so had no idea. Definitely brought shame on the family that night.

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