Merida asked about 2 years ago · 10 answers

Regarding relationships, do you want it easy or difficult?

I want it easy, so easy, like falling out of bed easy. I mean, not that I fall out of bed. Often. But it would be easy. If I did. Let's move on.

Neither, but I certainly don’t appreciate being toyed with or playing childish games.

I don’t do drama of any kind. I don’t play games. I don’t do jealousy, or insecurity, or having to know everything. I deal with plenty of drama in my work, I don’t need it at home. I need stability, calmness, and easiness.

As I'm not a sociopath, I'll take a spin on easy street.

Easy please. No drama. I don’t want to constantly be doubting my status with you, or feeling disrespected, or not feeling enough. It’s ok to be different, and have different views, as long as it’s kept separate from the love and devotion part.

i have someone who makes it so easy. i sleep like a baby

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