LaDamaX asked 5 months ago

What time is your supper/dinner/evening meal time?


What time is your supper/dinner/evening meal time?

The other day, I read this "supper/dinner" kind of as "super dinner" and I was about to be like, okay tell me more.

Between like 8PM and 11PM, usually.

Depends wildly on the kind of day I’ve had. Today, I had my last meal at 2 pm. Yesterday, it had it at 10:30 pm.

Between 8.30 - 9 pm for me. I'd say it's from 9-10 pm in Spain. It seems we do all the meals later than the rest of the world 😅

Generally 5-6pm though some late nights it can be 11pm🙂

Tea as we call it were I am from is 6-7.

Dinner is at 12oclock.

I don't have one, I eat when I'm hungry, it's about to strike midnight and I'm about to have some nice spicy noodles, I think next time I travel I'm going to be one of those people who brings their own chopsticks

I don't have times for food. I eat when hungry.

Around 7 PM or later. The good German would say 6 PM. The fixed time of dinner, what else? But I digress. I'm a rebel. Haha!