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Do you enjoy audio books?


Do you enjoy audio books?

I like them because they're the best shot i have at actually finishing a book. Doesn't always work, but it's better than my chances of finishing a physical book

I used to listen to a lot of audio books a couple of years ago. Now I can concentrate for very long. I like to start listening to audio books again.

I suppose, but it's mostly from narrated stories on YouTube by Edward E. French.

Not really.

I only really either like full cast audio dramas (designed specifically for that medium) or sometimes autobiographies narrated by the writer (David Mitchell's one was really good).

The issue I have with audiobooks is that I can read MUCH faster than I can listen and there's really never any time I would be needing to listen to something, e.g on a commute or journey where I'd not rather listen to music or even a podcast

I can’t listen to audio books or podcasts because they make me fall asleep. I also find it difficult to retain any information.

I used to, don't really have the patience for them anymore (or time).

Does highly depend on the type of voice they use for reading. And I am picky as fuck about voices.

No, I can't stand listening to someone dictate a book. You have to fully accept their voice and energy, you have to want to and be able to listen at the exact speed they're talking, if you miss a part or want to listen over again for some reason it's a pain in the ass as opposed to just moving your eyes a little bit, pausing for a second isn't as easy, etc.

The only time I've listened to an "audiobook" was just before a literature exam. And no, I find it easier to read the text.

I used to, but not so much anymore. Semi-related news: I'm going to try narrating audio books as a side gig. I mean assuming someone can stand listening to my droning for extended periods of time

Yes, I subscribe to Audible. Audio books make the long rides to work more tolerable😁

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