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How do you calm yourself when you’re feeling angry/explosive?


How do you calm yourself when you’re feeling angry/explosive?

I hardly get angry, but when I do it's always pointed towards myself and I usually hit myself in the face.

Movement is a good way to channel the anger without suppressing it, so push ups work for me

Take myself away from whatever it is that’s making me feel so angry. Leave the room. Do something else. Listen to some music. Go outside. Go for a coffee - that’s always a good one. I’ve never been one for losing my temper, but every single time I had to sit down and deal with my brother’s estate (which was a lot of times) I always ended up wanting to murder someone. I knew it was going to happen but I couldn’t do anything to stop it, so I just went with it. Like, “Yep, this is the shittiest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life: one day it’ll be over.” And one day it was.

Positive affirmations. I learning to be kinder to myself. For as long as I've been harsh with myself it hasn't helped the situations.

I’m a very patient person, so if I’ve got to that point, just run. There’s no saving anybody.

I wait for the night and go star watching. That puts things into perspective. I find it calming and soothing to simply watch the stars. In really explosive times I go on a long walk and/or do yoga and fantasize about slaughter.

I can't remember last time I was like that - but I guess I'd go for a walk or play some video games until I chill out.

think about what happened the last time it got me in trouble

I get angry but I've never been explosive, I really don't emote, I just file it away and maintain it forever, I am super healthy you guys

Shut my mouth and play a game. Or listen to calming music

I guess I just wait for it to go away and try not to do anything too damaging while I'm angry. Communication can help, though, saying exactly what they did and how it affected you, maybe even with power, as long as it's not done with spite/the intent to harm.

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