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Please describe your childhood self. You may use visual art, a poem, a song, interpretive dance, etc.

I was notorious for being a crybaby. My mom thinks it's because she cried a lot when she was pregnant with me, but in my humble opinion I think it's cus my parents didn't know (and still don't know) how to fulfill the emotional needs of any living being. Pair that with the fact that I was abused in multiple ways by my older sister. I was the student who was "A pleasure to have in class," i.e., too intimidated to speak unless spoken to or misbehave because of the consequences I'd catch at home if I dared to challenge anybody even when they were being obviously unfair, mean, abusive, etc.

I was like a darling bud of May in an ugly dark brown cover. Each time a pink leaf was held against the sun the frost and cold wind caused it to pull back inside.

sweet, sensitive, extremely shy/terrified of people, felt that everyone in the world hated my guts, ultra-logical, wanted girls more than anything, super smart, super lazy/loathed mental labor or probably any other kind of labor, very deep and philosophical, my mom tells me I didn't talk about things kids usually talk about, but she doesn't remember what I'd talk about. Sorry, I'm not good at poetry/art. =P

I did have the AI create something for the assignment but I think it best describes my childhood self. :A smile stretched wide, a laugh rings out,
But shadows linger, eyes filled with doubt.
Swinging high, carefree and bright,
Hiding the tears that fall through the night.
A heart that aches, a world unseen,
Wishing for sunshine, where only rain has been. Thank you.. it's wonderfully emo 😈🚬🤣

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