Daniel asked 12 days ago · 16 answers

Would you like to be Taylor Swift for a day?

I just read an article in The New Yorker that says 18% of Americans think TS is "part of a covert government effort to re-elect Joe Biden". Maybe I've changed my mind about TS...

I only want to be rich people if it's a true freaky friday-ing, and they also have to be me.

She has a complicated busy life and she's judged by many. If I got to be her I would choose 1 day that she's not busy and out of the spotlight.

No, not at all, I'd rather be Medusa. Then I would visit some folks ....

only for chaos purposes, like buying an NFL team, or announcing a pregnancy

Nope she has an ear infection disorder and I don't want that back in my life. But I'd like her money.

Yeah, sure. Not because I think she's super ecstatic all the time just because she's a huge celebrity, I don't think it really works that way, but it would be really interesting to experience being anybody else for a day. Also she's pretty sexy so that's a big plus.

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