Aurora Khione · 18 answers · 9mo

what kind of parent do you think you'd be?

Belum kepikiran, cuma yang jelas pengen adil dalam memberikan hak dan memberi tanggung jawab, biar seimbang.

I don't see myself getting to that point, but if I ever get the opportunity, I want to be the kind of parent who can consistently meet my children's needs and understand them well.

although my thought of becoming a mother is still far away, but i think i'll be the supportive-loud mother. also i'd like to became their bestfriend. so even world isn't on their side, they still have me as their home and their safe place. whenever they feel down, they always have me who ready to listen and hug them if they need it.

I didn’t think that far ahead, but if I were to become a parent, I wouldn’t let my child suffer the way I did before.

The bestie one. I raised my brother well at the point that he already think about his future while he just 13 because i tell him that people should have a good preparation for the future. Then he always ask me sort of things and exchanging each other's story.

Entah.. But I want to be a parent who can always be the most comfortable place for my child to go home.

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