Daniel asked almost 2 years ago

What will you do this weekend?


What will you do this weekend?

this weekend, which was this weekend we're talking about, I landed real fked up on my ankle and mildly sprained it, but it made a very gnarly sound

WAP ... Not that kind of WAP you pervs! I meant Worship And Prayer.

So far, starting Friday evening, I’ve been for a steak, drank to excess, been hungover, written a letter, had a long walk, messed about with a unicycle, and now I’m lying down listening to music. Tomorrow I’m visiting my parents and having a curry.

grocery shopping in the morning and then stuffing my dumb face until I can't feel anything anymore

Off for a forest walk shortly with a friend and her dog. Then I'm likely going to just do chores, chill and study on Sunday.

Class work, games, cleaning out the spare bedroom so my friend can come visit

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