Daniel asked 2 months ago

Is god non-binary?


Is god non-binary?

Probably. If a god is real and all-knowing then they would see human diversity for how expansive it really is, not confined by the limited systems, words, and understanding we have for gender.

Could you imagine if god did exist and was found to be non-binary. What would all those lovely christians with their bigoted hatred and ‘conversion therapy’ do then? They’d have to admit they’d gotten it wrong. Or just quietly sweep it under the carpet and find someone else to hate instead.

No that's definitely a dude, a possessive one at that - he'll be all like 'Whose car was that in your driveway last night? You are worshiping other gods aren't you? Don't lie to me!!!"

God is whatever you think God is. I personally believe God is an all-powerful Catgirl.

(Hey, if a flying spaghetti monster can be a thing that God is, why not an all-powerful catgirl?)

I think there are hints that she is gay but nobody knows. Also her bitchiness might have dimmed since a couple of thousand years....

God is as much a He as God is a She, but does that mean God is both a He and a She, or neither a He nor a She, or something in between them? I think God probably both embeds and transcends all polarities, and m/f is an important, universal one, so the answer is probably that God is both a He and a She and more. Does that make God non-binary? He still contains the binary essences of man and woman, but he's not limited to choosing one, so which is it?

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