Daniel asked 4 months ago

Is retrospring the realest social media?


Is retrospring the realest social media?

I remember back in the day there were some cases of catfishing?!
Anyway, I try to be as real as I can be when I answer questions. I feel a good portion of the users that I follow do the same.

I think it's more real than mainstream social media, but I still think people here try to do what most people generally do well, which is to make themselves look good. I, for example, have a really huge schlong

β€œRealest” as in the opposite of imaginary?

I doubt it. There's probably a few creeps hiding around here. (Like the anon that asked where I lived..that was just creepy.)

Not really, no. It is incredibly direct, like all kinds of Q/A sites...and also not necessarily in a positive way.

I'm literally talking to a concerned Spongebob Square Pants named Daniel right now...

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