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What would you do in your free time if you lived in the 1880s?

I'd probably be into collecting rocks or carving stuff out of sticks or something lol

Serving my husband and my 11 children. Maybe dying in childbirth? Suffering from typhus? Tending to anemia that I’ve developed from wearing cosmetics laced w arsenic and lead?

I’d probably be married off to some abuser and mother to over 8 kids and my free time would consist of going to the bathroom.

Very likely I would not know what "free time" would mean. In the rare and unlikely event of being born as an upper class girl with very bright and enlightened parents I would buy copies of scientific books for studies because women were not allowed for higher education let alone universities.

there would be no free time, every waking moment is organizing freed slaves to build, and more importantly, defend, our own shit

Women <3
I'd be like Don Giovanni
If I could =P
Otherwise, who knows, I guess I'd just be bored. Or I might have any given interest depending on my identity in this hypothetical.

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