Daniel asked 5 months ago · 13 answers

Living alone-yay or nay?

Never done it, I've always had pets. I think having no other lifeforms in the home with me would be a hard adjustment for me.

And when there are no other humans in the home, the prospect of having a seizure hits different, and I'm not a fan of it.

Mostly yay, but handling all the home upkeep and grocery shopping myself? Booooo

Nah. It can get lonely. At least if someone else is there you can close your bedroom door to escape.

I can't say it any better than my man Pandy did, pretty much stole the words from my brain

I live alone - and tbh its not for everyone. You have to be very comfortable being alone and have the skills and time management to keep your home in good order. The benefits are that you have a proper sanctuary to relax, and you can host whenever you want. But the issues are when you're sick or lonely - sometimes you can't get the support you'd like so it can feel a little uncomfortable. But ultimately I'd say its a Yay for me. Only if I'm really close with someone will I let them into my sanctuary.

I do live alone with the exception of those days when I am at my lovers flat or she in mine.

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