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What is the saddest video game you have played ?

Dead or Alive Xtreme [beach vollyball] II.

It's sad because it exists and a team of people made it. It's like if a fedora made its horny posts interactive.

Not sure if it's the saddest, but Memory's Dogma CODE:01 made for quite a ride. You know from the beginning that your best friend is dead, but what comes after can be even worse in some ways.

(Bit of a rough game but still a fun play/readthrough!)

I didn't play the whole game but I remember some of the short stories in Lost Odyssey, which are memories of the main character, who is immortal, were really sad. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIrzmchrj04aaB6BYtlnfk9vjXE-mCj4f

Kaim could never say to his daughter,

"You go first to heaven and wait for me: I'll be there before long."

Nor would he ever know the joy of reunion with his loved ones.

To live for a thousand years, meant bearing the pain of a thousand years of partings.

Can't think of a sad game I've played. But I remember feel absolutely awful the first time I played Doki Doki Literature and I finished the 1st day.

From my Nintendo 3DS Game collection probably "Fire Emblem Awakening" Some sad moments inc.

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