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Best romcom movie versi kalian apa nih moots?

Nomor satu masih The Con-Heartist karena masih belum niat nyari romcom lain juga sih. Saran film lain dong!

'Flipped' will forever be my comfort movie! 'You're The Apple of My Eyes' juga suka, kebetulan lagi mau diremake Thailand terus yang main Nanon. #.promosi 😁 'Our Times' juga bagus! 'Friendzone' suka juga. Overall kalo romcom tuh sebenernya coba cari film Thailand sih buanyak bangettttt.

can’t choose between: how to lose a guy in 10 days, forrest gump, 13 going on 30, clueless, 10 things i hate about you, breakfast at tiffany’s, and 27 dresses.

I HAVE A LOOOTT to answer but i'll go with The Vow, Friendzone, Flipped, Friends With Benefits omg Mila Kunis!! Sex and The City, Love, Rosie, WHAT ELSEEE there's too many to mention!!!

oh, i absolutely adore flipped (2010)! it's the sweetest and cutest romcom movie i've ever seen. the way bryce and julie's love story unfolds from childhood to adolescence is very very heartwarming. i could watch it over and over again and never get tired of it! it's definitely my top pick for the best romcom movie.

Jujur malah butuh rekomendasi gara gara gak pernah nonton romcom. Ada rekomendasi yang bagus gak, Lil?

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