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If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?

One for me to have a stable life, one for my family and dearest ones to live a happy life, satu lagi mau kaya raya biar bisa punya photocard Haewon rare seabrek sama bikin istana Kuromi di kamarku ya Allah aamiin.

Be happy and able to enjoy everything that I do, honestly. I want to have passion for life so I can finally live, thoroughly.

One wishes, dulu nggak usah terlahir aja biar gak capek hidup, kalau sekarang karna udah hidup ya udah semoga dikasih kekuatan dan kebahagian aja buat jalanin hidup. Kalau elu?

  1. For everyone to be happy by their own way
  2. Mau Heeseung
  3. Kaya raya bc i'll buy my loved ones anything to satisfy them :O

an ability to communicate with cats, unlimited chances for every trial in life, and endless happiness for myself

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