Luna · 8 answers · 7mo

hey suggest me your typically morning song to listen dongggg!!!

Have you listen to "Selamat pagi, selamat bekerja" lyrics by a song by Sherina but I don't recall what's the title so yeahㅡ Selamat cari cuan.

Actually I listen to random songs, but I like listening to upbeat songs in the morning. Fearless by Taylor Swift, But I Like You by Bonedo, Polaroid Love by Enhypen and many more.

Actually so random, I always listen to upbeat song to start the day like Evanescence – Bring Me To Life, or gaslighting myself with Citra Scholastika – Pasti Bisa because I need to gaslight myself before go to work.

  1. akmu - on the subway & idea
  2. stray kids - charmer
  3. be'o feat. mino - limousine (prod. gray)
  1. Green Tea & Honey - Dane Amar ft. Jereena Montemayor.
  2. Officially Missing You - Jayesslee
  3. Love - Wave to Earth

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